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Purchasing Information

We are a processor of goose and duck down and feathers and sell in bulk by the bag (about 30 Lb lbs for feathers and feather and down blends, 20 Lbs for down) and charge by the lb., or kg. If we sell less than 10 lbs, there is a 100% surcharge on the price per lb., or kg. From 10 lbs to a full bag we add a 20% surcharge on the price per lb., or kg. The minimum we sell is 2 lbs, of any quality and the minimum dollar value is $100.00.

Please contact us for a price list on the variety of qualities and price points we provide.

We try to accommodate all of our customers in all ranges of order-size, however a premium will be charged if our minimum order requirements are not met. Be advised that because of the specialized nature of our product, direct contact will most likely be necessary, so please include an email address, phone number and where you are located so we may best serve your needs.

If you require a large scale order, it is best to contact us directly by phone: (416)766-4142 or email us [email protected]