"The Correct Product, at the Correct Price"

Company Policy

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Feather Industries Company Policy

Feather Industries has a long standing tradition of adhering to a morally sound corporate policy that applies to all aspects of how it conducts business, beginning with where its product is sourced, and the means by which all of the product is farmed, to the professional and fair treatment of suppliers and customers.

Buying Policy

First and foremost, all down and feather bought, processed and sold is a by-product of the waterfowl meat industry. No waterfowl are ever raised solely for the harvest of their down as this is inefficient, wasteful, and makes no economic sense for any party involved. Feather Industries only buys from farms that its employees personally visit and inspect to ensure all partners are practicing the ethical and humane treatment of their animals. The policies regarding the ethical treatment of animals include but are not limited to, no force feeding (and whenever possible, free range fed) and absolutely no live plucking. The adherence to these strict standards and the vigilance to ensure that these ethical policies are practiced by all partners continue to make Feather Industries one of the most respected companies in the industry.

Pricing Policy

“The correct product, at the correct price.” Not just a slogan, but a commitment to how business is conducted , spoken by Douglas Pryde, former President of Feather Industries (from 1967-2004). Douglas is the father of current President and CEO, Bryan Pryde, to whom he not only passed on control of the business, but also the commitment to corporate integrity which remains the foundation of the company. Feather Industries has always prided itself on conducting its business in an ethical and economically responsible manner. This has and will continue to benefit customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and all those with whom it has a working relationship .

Quality Assurance

Feather Industries has an on-site lab where various testing takes places to ensure quality standards are met. Eevery product that is purchased, processed and sold is tested rigorously. A database is maintained referring every test to a specific lot and kept on record for atleast 5 years. This ensures the consistency of the quality and that Canadian and International standards are always met or exceed.

As the popularity of any product grows, so too does the appearance of imitation and counterfeit product and this is not limited to the business of down and feathers. Feather Industries is a leader in its field, adhering to the strictest rules and regulations as far as quality assurance, cleanliness, and classification. Feather Industries is also one of the original founding members of Downmark, a non-profit organization that provides several services and benefits to the down and feather industry including acting as a consumer watchdog, cooperating with government agencies and providing information about, and promotion of, down and feather products. For more information, please visit: www.Downmark.ca