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Study shows down more sustainable than substitutes

Michelle Russell, Oct. 31, 2019 – Just-Style (Online) Down was found to 85-97% lower impacts than polyester in all the impact categories analysed Natural down and feathers in jackets have 18 times less of an impact on climate change than polyester fill, according to a...


We regret to inform you that due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, and in accordance with Provincial and Federal regulation and advice, as of March 23rd we have temporarily suspended our operations for social compliance and in order to protect our staff. We have extended our closure from April 7th to at least April 20th in accordance with provincial directives.

If you have any orders they can be submitted but will not be confirmed. If you have any other inquiries, please send them to [email protected], as we have staff who will be working remotely during this time and have access to email.

Unfortunately this situation is very serious, and an on-going concern domestically and internationally. At this time it is impossible to determine when we will return to production, but the minimum closure will extend until April 20th, though we expect another extension beyond that as well.

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