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Green Initiatives

We at Feather Industries believe that having a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and we believe that, in particular, having a dedication to ‘going green’ is particularly important to a long-term sustainable future. We strive to be as vigilant as possible in our effort towards minimizing our carbon footprint and preserving the natural resources that fuel not just our business, but our lives.

Water Recycling

In 2009 Feather Industries has made a significant capital investment to implement a water recycling program that recaptures and reuses 30% of the water used in the washing stages of our processing. Not only does this save on costs, but it eliminates waste, and limits the unnecessary overuse of freshwater in our process. Feather Industries is always working towards new ways to improve our efficiency while still maintaining the highest standards for our final product.

Eco-Friendly Washing

Feathers are an environmentally friendly product for a number of reasons; specifically because both the by-products and final product are natural and biodegradable, unlike synthetics. Feather Industries follows with this trend by only using detergents and chemical to clean, disinfect and render all output hypoallergenic that are 100% biodegradable.

Complete By-product

Feathers and Down themselves are a by-product of the meat industry. No animal is ever used specifically for its feathers, and we at Feather Industries have strict policies regarding our feather procurement and the humane treatment and use of animal products (See our corporate policies here). Because of our feathers and down are by-products, in essence we provide a service, by helping bird farmers minimize any waste when raising their product. By sourcing our natural product, we provide not only an outlet for feather that would otherwise become waste and/or burned, but in addition we provide farmers with an additional source of income by way of selling the by-product from their livestock.

Each By-Product from our Process is Biodegradable

In addition to using all biodegradable detergents and recycling our water, another distinct advantage we have over synthetics in reducing our carbon footprint is that all by-products that result from the processing of feather and down are naturally occurring and in turn are 100% biodegradable. Throughout the cleaning and sorting process we are removing dirt and dust made up of feather fibers and pieces of discarded or unusable feather from our finished product; once again, all of these by-products are 100% biodegradable.

Even our End Product is Biodegradable

Even though your feather or down product, treated properly, will provide you with countless years of quality service (it’s not out of the ordinary for us to come across 3rdand 4thgeneration duvets) if you ever decide you need a different quality, or size, or simply want to retire your current product in exchange for a new one you can rest assured that when you dispose of your down and feathers you will be returning them to the earth. We are very fortunate to be part of a very unique industry where our consumer end product is biodegradable.

Feather Industries has a strong corporate code of personal morals and business ethics that is ingrained in each of our employees, as well as communicated to each of our supplies, customers and business partners. We are proud to do our best to minimize our carbon footprint and conduct business in a fashion that looks towards a sustainable future.