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Tag Verification

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Tag Verification

Feather Industries provides it’s customers with various tags to ensure the authenticity of the high quality Down or Feather filling used in the products produced they produce. Each tag shipped has a serialized number with a specific prefix which we keep record of. If you purchase a product accompanied by one of our tags, and have any questions about the Down or Feather product contained within, you are encouraged to contact us. If you are able to provide the Prefix & tag number, along with the brand of your product, we are happy to provide insight into the high quality sourcing, processing and testing that your Down or Feathers went through before they found their way into your home! If for any reason your number does not match our records, or you have any doubts about your product, we are happy to assist in confirming you received the correct product you intended to purchase.

Please visit the Contact Us page and provide your information and we will be happy to assist you.

As Doug Pryde always said, “The Customer deserves the correct product, at the correct price!”