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Largest and Oldest Processor of Feathers and Down in Canada

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Honesty, Integrity and Responsible Growth

Feather Industries was established in 1946 as a division of Canada Packers, a large food distributor. In 1984 Feather Industries was sold to a private ownership group and continues to be a privately owned and
Canadian operated manufacturing company, specializing in the processing and sale of duck and goose down and feathers.

We supply a wide range of industries including but not limited to home textiles/bedding, fashion and functional outerwear, outdoor recreation, and upholstery.

Buying Policy

First and foremost, all down and feather bought, processed and sold is a by-product of the
waterfowl meat industry. No waterfowl are ever raised solely for the harvest of their down
as this is inefficient, wasteful, and makes no economic sense for any party involved.
Feather Industries only buys from farms that its employeea personally visit and inspect to
ensure all partners are practicing the ethical and humane treatment of their animals. The
policies regarding the ethical treatment of animals include but are not limited to, no
force feeding (and whenever possible, free range fed) and absolutely no live plucking.

The adherence to these strict standards and the vigilance to ensure that these ethical policies
are practiced by all partners continue to make Feather Industries one of the most respected
companies in the industry.


Study shows down more sustainable than substitutes

Results concluded that on a per ton basis, down was found to have 85-97% lower impacts than polyester in all the impact categories analysed. The claim that down has a lower environmental footprint compared to its alternative was scientifically substantiated by Long Trail Sustainability, an independent third-party firm specialising in LCAs and sustainability reports.

Down and Feather Products are More Sustainable than Alternatives

Life Cycle Assessment Shows Down and Feather Products are More Sustainable than Alternatives

International Down and Feather Bureau announces recently published Life Cycle Assessment for down compared to polyester fill. Natural down in jackets, bedspreads and sleeping bags has 18 times less of an impact on climate change than polyester fill, according to a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that studied the environmental impact of down versus polyester fill material.

We are committed to sustainability and providing a high quality product at the right price

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