"The Correct Product, at the Correct Price"

President’s Message

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About Bryan Pryde - President of Feather Industries Canada Limited

Bryan Pryde joined Feather Industries in 1987, after several years of working in the insurance industry. He has a degree in Economics from York University and has a diverse experience including retail sales, banking and business development. He is an active board member of the Down Association of Canada, representing Feather Industries.

Corporate Philosophy

Feather Industries has a proud, longstanding tradition of doing honest, fair, and ethical business, treating both its customers and suppliers with the utmost respect. These policies began with my father, former President Doug Pryde (from 1967-2004), and have always been the standard of practice for Feather Industries.

Our Focus in Canada

Here at Feather Industries we have always committed ourselves to responsible and conservative policies, which have led to consistent and sustainable growth for several years. Moving forward, we will continue to grow our company and be vigilant in our goal to secure 100% of Canadian produced down and feather for our customers.

Quality over Quantity

We at Feather Industries have always maintained a policy of choosing quality over quantity, ensuring that we provide the best product possible for all our customers. We accomplish this by avoiding cheap, mass produced feather and down and instead, focus on always bringing the highest quality product to the market, whether it’s a 90/10 or 10/90 mix.

Respect for both customers and suppliers

Not only do we provide our customers with a high quality product that is properly priced, we treat our suppliers with the same elevated level of respect. We are conscious to take good care of those who supply us, because without them our business doesn’t exist. This means paying fair prices for our feathers at the source, and ensuring that our suppliers know they are being treated with the utmost respect. We know feathers and down, and are confident in our abilities to cost and price it.

In turn, this means that our customers can be confident in the way that we price our product. Former President Douglas Pryde said it best: “Feather Industries provides an honest product. And we believe the customer deserves the correct product, at the correct price.” This is a corporate philosophy that has been instilled in our employees and will continue for as long as Feather Industries is doing business.

Brand protection

Feather Industries is proud to be a founder and sitting member on the board of the Down Association of Canada (DAC). The Down Association is dedicated to upholding consumer protection laws and standards of practice, ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace in Canada and around the world. We strongly believe that this benefits everyone, from manufacturers to retailers to consumers.

Conservative corporate philosophy

Feather Industries maintains a responsible business model, focused on sustainable growth, active corporate involvement and conservative projections for the future. This allows both customer and employee confidence regarding the direction in which the company is headed, and in turn allows for a comfortable and highly productive work environment for all employees. Knowing you are invested in a company that is careful and responsible, whether it be financially or professionally, will always give you confidence in your decision to be involved with them.

Environmental Initiatives

We are proud to be an environmentally conscious company that has made and will continue to make countless steps towards contributing to the conservation of resources and reducing our global carbon footprint. Feather Industries consistently looks for new ways to become more efficient in our processes and reduce waste, while still turning out a high quality product. As a result of our efforts, Feather Industries provides an almost wholly waste-free product to its customers, from start to finish of production. For more information, please visit our Green Initiatives page.


Feather Industries will always look to pursue new ways to grow its business, in a consistent and conservative manner. We have expanded several times in the past 20 years and will continue to grow as the market demands for it. We are very proud to be the dynamic and growing company that we are today.